Bio: Sheila Mannix's writing has been broadcast on RTE Radio 1 and has appeared in Cyphers, Southword, Irish Left Review, The Bohemyth, The SHOp, The Poetry Bus, The Pickled Body, Burning Bush 2, The Quarryman, gorse, and Icarus (Ireland); Wurm im Apfel’s can can poezine (Scotland); Ping Pong, the journal of the Henry Miller Library, Akashic Books’ Thursdaze series and Tripwire: a journal of poetics (USA); Stride magazine, ZARF, Tears in the Fence and Shearsman (UK). She was selected for the Poetry Ireland Introductions series 2013 for emerging Irish poets. Two poetry chapbooks - 'female corpse' and 'Lashed across the Skies' - are available free from online poetry publisher Smithereens Press and 'Dual Poet Reader: One' containing the sequence 'You built you framing you are multiplying' is available from hardPressed Poetry. Forthcoming publications include Martin Corless-Smith's Free Poetry Series anthology of contemporary Irish poets edited by Ellen Dillon. She was a founding member, with Tim Furey, of the art group, 'invisible pilots'. Their Situationist-inspired art work was documented in Circa magazine and the book Cork Caucus: on art, possibility & democracy edited by Shep Steiner and Trevor Joyce. Her photography has been published in the French magazine, L’Artiste and The Bohemyth (Ireland). Exhibitions include: the differantiel of techne at The Guesthouse, Cork, as part of The Avant Festival 2013; The End of Europe at Working Artists Studios, Skibbereen, 2014; Notes on the Lusitania, a text-based installation at the Sirius Arts Centre, Cobh, May 2015; Is ‘mountain’ a code word?, ink drawings, text and photographs, at The Guesthouse, Cork, July 2016 - June 2017. She participated in the performance art piece, Amazon Delivers Capital (a Just In Time production) at the Triskel Arts Centre, Cork for the SoundEye Festival 2014. Her 30-page performance poem for 4 voices, 'Zoopoiesis', was performed at the SoundEye Festival and at the O’Bheal poetry reading series, Cork, 2015. She read new work at SoundEye 2016 which was subsequently published in Shearsman magazine (UK). Recent readings include a fundraiser for the Cork Rape Crisis Centre at the Roundy, Cork, curated by Tina Pisco, March 2018. She is a 'Featured Writer' in the latest issue of Trinity College Dublin's literary magazine, Icarus, published on 22 March 2018, and read at the launch with the help of poets Patrick Chapman, John Kearns, and Edwin Kelly. Her latest poetry chapbook, 'Lashed across the Skies', will be available free from 27th March at http://www.smithereenspress.com She established Shandon Bells Press, a publisher of image+text, on 9 June 2017. https://shandonbellspress.wordpress.com To contact her, please email sheilamannix@hotmail.com

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